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We are a British cosmetic brand, Doctor A Cosmetics, committed to providing you with the highest care of quality ingredients, giving back to our community and at the same time ensuring a sustainable, eco-friendly packaging and protecting our planet Earth.


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I absolutely love Doctor A products. They have made such a huge difference to my skin. I have oily skin so I was a bit dubious to try the creams and oil but to my surprise they worked really well. With the Intensely Exotic Night Repair Moisturiser a little goes a long way. It's very rich and lovely to apply at night. It's more suited for dehydrated and dry skin. My mum loves it. The Vitamin C cream has a nice consistency and absorbs really well into your skin. The 24k Gold Royalty Treatment has a lovely lightweight feel to it plus it is made up of six facial oils packed with goodness. I won't be going back to any other brand. Doctor A products are my holy grail.

Doctor Acosmetics
Teauna Bail

I am a 55 year old woman. I have three wonderful daughters and a son. I was a bit dubious to try these products but honestly they have been such a game changer. My skin is looking so much better than it has in years to the point where everybody has been commenting on how great my skin looks. Doctor A products have really helped minimize my pores and wrinkles. Will definitely be buying again.

Doctor Acosmetics
Maria S.

Doctor A products have made my skin so smooth and soft. It has really helped me with my breakouts especially my hormonal breakouts and acne scars. Honestly, I hardly get any acne now since using these products. Even all my acne scars have faded now. I use the Doctor A Vitamin C Brightening moisturiser followed by the 24k Gold Facial Oil, twice a day. All my acne scars and dark pigmentation have almost faded. It's only been two weeks. Definitely the best investment I have made. Life saviour!

Doctor Acosmetics
Zeenat Ali

I am in love with Doctor A products. I have all three products, including the vitamin C moisturiser which I use during the day, the Intensely Exotic Night Repair moisturiser which I use at night and the 24K Gold Royalty Treatment which I use AM and PM. I love the ingredients, they are clean and no unnecessary added chemicals.

Doctor Acosmetics
Nikita Gill

I have been on the hunt now for a good skincare brand especially since turning pregnant. It's really important me that good ingredients are used in the products and that they are natural. Plus the products are vegan too. My favourite product has to be the 24k Gold Royalty Treatment- it's a much cheaper dupe for a lot of the more expensive gold facial oils out that that I am normally buy.

Doctor Acosmetics
Rebecca White

I recently broke out very badly in red dry angry patches all over my face from an allergy reaction. I have quite mature skin. My allergy reaction got so bad to the point where my skin was burning and peeling on my face. I couldn't even go outside. I had tried nearly everything from over the counter treatments and even prescribed medication treatments yet nothing was working. My daughter has been using the Doctor A products for quite some time now especially the Intense Exotic Night Repair moisturiser. She encouraged me to try it it. I was scared to use it initially incase it made my skin worse. But it saved my skin. It has a balm like feel to it. In three days, all my red, dry patches have disappeared and my skin is glowing. I couldn't recommend the products enough.

Doctor Acosmetics
Anna L.