Representation And Diversity In the Beauty Industry

When you walk into a department store, you expect to find products that you can use on your skin tone. How often have you struggled to find a foundation shade that works for you? Have you ever fallen in love with a skincare product only to find that it does not work for your skin colour? These issues exist in the beauty industry because of its lack of diversity and representation. Read on to find out more about the lack of diversity within dermatology and what Doctor A Cosmetics is doing to change the beauty industry for the better.


The issues with diversity and the beauty industry

Research carried out in 2020 found that dermatology is the second least diverse speciality within the world of medicine. An estimated 75% of dermatologists are Caucasian, showing why these problems exist within the industry. Skincare products are not made equally. They are made to cater to those who make them.


Without diversity in the beauty industry, there is a lack of knowledge about what unique conditions, different skin types face. BIPOC skin types are more likely to suffer from conditions inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma, but only 4% of dermatologists in the United States are coloured.


Diversity and representation within the beauty industry matter because products are made on the assumption that they are being used on Caucasian or lighter skin tones. These formulations are made without any consideration for how darker skin tones behave as compared to its lighter counterparts. Darker skin tones have higher pigmentation, meaning they are richer in melanin, which leaves behind hyperpigmentation in the skin and dark spots.


People of colour are more likely to suffer from conditions like dermatitis, actus skin lupus, and acne. They face what the American Academy of Dermatology describes as “unique dermatologic concerns” that “affect patients with skin of colour more frequently and more severely”. 


Until the beauty industry becomes more diverse and better represents our society, these unique problems will go overlooked. Dermatologists have to be aware of these skin issues to create formulations and products that are inclusive and work for all skin tones.


How Doctor A Cosmetics is changing the beauty industry


Doctor A Cosmetics is a skincare brand on a mission to change the world. As an eco-friendly, clean, give back, skincare brand, our social conscious drives everything we do, from encouraging diversity within the beauty industry to supporting social campaigns through our charity partners. Promoting better representation and diversity is at the heart of everything we do at Doctor A Cosmetics.


As a female and minority-founded business, our goal is to work towards amplifying unheard voices within the beauty community. Doctor A is an all-inclusive skincare brand that produces natural products that work for every skin type and complexion. 

Our founder, Doctor Anika, uses her healthcare background to create nourishing formulas that are designed to enhance your individual beauty. She also draws on her experience as a South Asian woman to produce vegan skincare products that are all-inclusive.


We believe that skincare is the vessel to having deeper and more meaningful conversations about what beauty is. Beauty is universal. As a next-generation skincare brand, it is our mission to encourage diversity and better representation across the beauty and skincare industry.


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