5 Night Cream Myths

We all know how essential it is to take proper care of your skin and most importantly how vital it is to rightly moisturise it. Even if we do not follow all the steps in skincare, we make sure that we cleanse and moisturise it well, irrespective of the skin type. One must always remember that moisturisers are not just meant for people with dry skin or a dryer environment, it is meant for all. Even if your skin is oily, it calls for a moisturiser, though of a different consistency. Proper nourishment is the secret to young and healthy skin.

If you are a beauty enthusiast, you must be familiar with "beauty sleep." Be it before a date night or a huge event, we always make sure to tell our friends and family and also ourselves to take a beauty nap. Proper sleep really does its work. But when a good night's sleep is paired with an organic night moisturiser it enhances the overall beauty of the skin. As you fall asleep after a long day, your skin begins its healing and regeneration process. As a result, high-quality night cream encourages recovery and hydration. After cleansing your skin of daily pollutants such as automobile fumes, pollution, and harmful UV rays, it is critical to incorporate a decent night cream into your nighttime routine. Let's take a closer look at why using a night cream in your skincare routine is so important.


Do The Needs Of The Skin Change At Night?

Leading dermatologists believe that human skin experiences various physiological changes during the night. During the day, the skin is continually defending itself against external factors such as pollution, UV radiation, microorganisms, and harsh weather conditions. While sleeping, the skin switches modes and begins the process of renewal and repair. It also heals the barrier of the skin from all the damage caused throughout the day. As a result, rich moisturising ingredients are abundant in night creams to rejuvenate your skin.

Is Night Cream Moisturiser A Must?

Well, a straight answer would be a big YES! It is. It is a thick and creamy moisturiser specially designed to hydrate and nourish your skin at night. While we are asleep, we relax but our body gets to work to repair itself and so does the skin. So the primary distinction between day and night creams is their ingredients and consistency. The night creams are thicker and consist of ingredients that cannot be applied while out in the sun like retinol. At night when the healing and rebalancing process begins, the cells require nutrients that can be supplied from hydration-rich substances such as retinol, Hyaluronic acid, and peptides. As a result, a night cream will have a thicker consistency. The cream permeates the cells and prepares the skin for the next day! So, night creams are great moisturising agents. They bring radiance and give a healthy appearance to your skin keeping it younger-looking for long years.

However, when you get out of bed, your skin produces a protective barrier to shield itself from environmental aggressors and free radical damage, which causes premature ageing. Hence, the day creams usually contain SPF to protect your skin from sun damage and are lighter to leave a smooth, non-oily and non-sticky base whereon makeup can be applied. 

Let us now delve deeper into the myths surrounding night cream, a frequently overlooked skincare treatment that can derail your daily beauty routine.

5 Night Cream Myths

Many of us feel that investing in night cream is a waste of money. We feel that it is the same as a day moisturiser. And we do get you. Investing in two moisturisers does sound a bit out of the pocket but it is a must if one really wishes to ace their skincare game. Due to various inhibitions, night creams have a negative image in the eyes of many. A few have been listed below.

  • Day And Night Moisturisers Have No Difference
  • One of the most common misconceptions in the cosmetics industry is that day and night creams are the same. You can surely use your day SPF-enhanced moisturiser at night, but some sunblocks might clog pores and should not be used at night. Furthermore, as previously said, the skin requires a significant amount of hydration at night, which a lightweight day cream may not be able to provide. A day lotion is intended to protect the skin barrier from damaging factors during the day like sun, dirt and other pollutants, whilst a night cream is formulated with abundant moisturising materials intended for revival and replenishment. It is recommended that you make an informed decision about your skin!

  • I Am Too Young To Be Indulging In Night Creams
  • It's good to consider oneself fit and young at all ages but we should not ignore the process of ageing. As we reach the age of 25, the collagen production in our skin starts to decrease and if this happens our skin tends to wrinkle and sag. Collagen is needed to keep our skin young and firm. Many night creams contain vitamins C and hyaluronic acid, which help to maintain healthy skin. These ingredients stimulate collagen formation in the skin, which slows the ageing process. Night cream should be a vital part of anyone's skincare regimen if they want to keep their skin appearing young and radiant as they age.

  • It Is A Marketing Stunt
  • You may be thinking of night cream as just another cosmetic product, but let me dispel that notion by telling you that it makes a significant difference and can be one of the greatest skincare items for you. The night cream aids in the synthesis of collagen as you sleep, making your skin appear firmer and plumper when you wake up. This reduces sagging as well as the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. Simply said, it is a much-needed, revitalising at-home therapy for your skin while you sleep.

  • Night Creams Do No Good
  • Our skin naturally loses moisture when we sleep. Conditions like dry skin, an overheated room or an air-conditioned room, a dry climate and also drinking less water will make your skin feel dry, dehydrated, and tight, resulting in a fatigued and rundown appearance. Night cream, on the other hand, is prepared with richer, thicker, and heavier ingredients,  meant to nourish and maintain aged skin. Night creams contain chemicals that hydrate gradually over several hours, such as hyaluronic acid, to aid with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (which works best when sunscreen is not present). Your skin will appear hydrated and nourished in the morning, and it will feel soft and supple. 

  • Only Expensive Night Creams Work Wonders
  • One of the most popular myths regarding night creams is that the more expensive the product the better the ingredients. Nevertheless, this is a widespread misconception. High-end luxury brands can and do charge more for the name, elegant bottles, and celebrity marketing. Many expensive night creams feature "fragrance" or "perfume" as the first ingredient, indicating a red flag for your skin. Don't confuse spending more money for superior skincare; always read the label. Make sure you are using an organic night moisturiser as it does not contain ingredients that harm the skin. If you love nature and animals then always go for vegan and cruelty-free products like those manufactured by Doctor A Cosmetics. Not only this, our products are also fragrance-free and any other artificial colouring and preservatives.

    If this is making you rethink your skincare routine then Doctor A Cosmetics has got you covered. We have an Intensely Exotic Repairing Night Moisturiser especially designed to heal your skin at night. It contains ingredients that replenish and refreshes the skin. The hyaluronic acid in it promotes skin hydration levels and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. Squalane keeps the skin younger looking, and grapeseed oil treats acne by relaxing and moisturising the skin. Mango butter provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory aid to the skin. Red raspberry oil promotes skin suppleness and nourishes and moisturises it. Plant extracts are essential for rejuvenating and lightening the skin. All of the components work together to deliver everything your skin requires after a day-long of work.

    Hence, it is of paramount importance that one incorporate a night cream in their routine as they reach the age of 25 at least.

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