How To Support The Environment With An Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine

  • 10 September, 2022

  • Man versus Nature

    We all carry reusable bags preferably made of cloth or jute when we go shopping. We all have been closing our water taps while brushing our teeth. We remember to water the plants with the same water in which we washed our vegetables. And we love to decorate our homes with handmade, recycled items made of scrap. Slowly but consistently we all have been taking a step towards a sustainable, clean and healthy environment. The words of awareness have spread far and wide and each one of us now knows the need to make this world a better place for ourselves and the generations to come. We take pride but a sense of peace too when we purchase anything that is in harmony with nature.


    But have you ever thought about how environmentally friendly your beauty products are?

    Be it a yes or a no, let's get started!

    Sustainable Beauty

    We all love indulging in a little act of self-care. And why not? It is a form of loving oneself each time one pampers oneself. Starting our day with skincare has the potential to make us feel fresh and content. Following each step of the skincare routine starting from cleansing to toning and then generously moisturising one's face followed by slathering sunscreen can make a difference to the health of your skin and also the environment. If you are questioning how? Then here it is. 

    You might not be judging a book by its cover but we tend to judge beauty products by their appearance. Cute or dainty packaging is appealing to the eyes. This in turn generates a huge amount of waste which degrades and pollutes our surroundings.

    Currently, one of the largest trends in beauty is using eco-friendly, sustainable practices, and as this helps fight climate change and conserves precious resources, we support it wholeheartedly. In addition to looking for skin care products to address their skincare issues and cosmetic accessories to complete their makeup looks, people are also looking for ways to make their everyday routines more environmentally friendly. Let's learn a few ways how?

    How to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly

    Recycle or Upcycle: The containers carrying your moisturisers, hair mask, and serum can all be recycled or upcycled. You could make a decorative piece out of it or use it to store stuff. At Doctor A, we believe in using recyclable Materials such as glass, aluminium, and bamboo and reducing plastic waste as much as possible.

    Buy eco-friendly products: Buy products which have the tag “eco-friendly” written on them. This way you would be taking one step towards a cleaner world. Doctor A brings to you products which are friendly towards our environment.

    Choose cruelty-free products: We all have the right to life. Testing products on animals just to make sure that no human is harmed is a selfish attempt on a man's part. 

    Make your vanity case, vegan: Vegan products are those which abstain from the use of any animal-derived ingredient in their products. It is purely made from ingredients derived from plants, without harming any living organism.

    Chemical-free beauty routine: Make sure to go for products which are purely natural and have no chemicals in them. We at Doctor A ensure that only the best, clean ingredients are used in our products, this means that our products contain no palm oil, parabens, artificial colours, artificial fragrances, SLS, phthalates or microbeads

    Use it all: The majority of individuals are astonished to learn that the bottle or tube they believe to be almost empty nevertheless has enough substance to last for more than a month. You are essentially wasting money away if you change a product while still having a month's worth of it. The additional expenditures to you over time are significant.

    The simpler the skincare routine, the better: The countless face creams, serums, and other skincare products are also unnecessary in this case. You'd be astonished at how many of the substances in the skincare products you've been persuaded you need are the same! You won't need anything extra if you stick with a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser that you enjoy using. In the long run, keeping things straightforward will save you time, and money, and have the added benefit of lowering your household trash. Give a product to someone else to try if you test it and decide it's not for you rather than throwing it away.

    These are a few ways in which you can make your beauty routine more sustainable. Apart from this, you can also practise the following:

    Use bamboo products: Buy combs and toothbrushes made up of bamboo. These are more environmentally friendly.

    Turn off the tap: Turn off the tap while you are in the process of cleaning or scrubbing your face. Turn it on only when you are to wash your face.

    Use cotton cloth or handkerchief: A pure reusable cotton cloth can be used instead of the one-time cotton pads. One can also replace facial wipes with handkerchiefs.

    In our little way, we can make a great difference towards the betterment of our nature.

    You might want to choose Doctor A

    If you are thinking about where you can get products which fulfil all of the above criteria then you must try our products. We at Doctor A specially curate products which align with nature. Our products contain all-natural ingredients derived from plants. The squalane and glycerine used in our moisturisers are all plant-derived. Not only that, our skincare range is free from any form of animal testing. All our products are cruelty-free, sustainable, eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulphates.


    A little about what we have for you:

    1. Natural Vitamin C Brightening Moisturiser: This moisturiser is an excellent skin brightener. It helps with dark spots, ageing, and pigmentation and works wonders to even out the skin tone.
    2. 24k Gold Royalty Facial Oil Treatment: Prepared with a mix of rich oils like argan, rosehip, jojoba, bergamot and coconut this lightweight facial oil helps in making your skin look healthy and young. It also helps with pigmentation and stretch marks.
    3. Intensely Exotic Repairing Night Moisturiser: it is an alcohol-free night repair cream, prepared with a blend of mango butter, raspberry oil, grapeseed oil, hyaluronic acid and even squalane to help repair the damage to your skin. It will help heal your skin and bring out a radiant glow.

    Our range of eco-friendly beauty supplies will help you take a step towards making your beauty routine more nature friendly. The elements used in Doctor A's products are pure, ethically sourced, sustainable, and suitable for all skin types. Our social consciousness drives everything we do as an eco-friendly, charitable skincare company, from promoting diversity in the cosmetics sector to aiding social initiatives through our charity partners.

    Hence, it is important and high time that we think of making this planet more habitable for us and our generations to come. We need to set an example to the children to come on how we should be looking after the world we live in. Nobody knows when the end is, but as long as we are alive, let's work together for the betterment of the blue planet each day. If we want nature to treat us right we should treat her right first. Problems like global warming, erratic floods, and severe droughts are all a result of the manhandling of our resources. There is a need to save the reserve of our resources and even optimise their use. Even a small step counts. You can make a difference. So, start now!

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