Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the name given to a family of oil-soluble antioxidants. It is a moisturising agent that helps with skin repair.

Vitamin E benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties- helps to reduce redness.
  • Vitamin E helps with skin healing such as scars and burns.
  • Vitamin E is very moisturising for your skin.
  • Treating fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin E helps in fighting daily environmental skin aggressors such as like unprotected sun exposure and air pollution. It helps protect the skin from damage.
  • Vitamin E helps strength the skin barrier.
  • Vitamin E helps soothe the skin.
  • Vitamin E acts as a hydrating agent and helps to hydrate the skin.


Vitamin E can be applied topically on the skin through a vitamin E oil or a moisturiser or can be taken by adding supplements. You can also incorporate vitamin E through your diet by having vitamin E rich food such as almonds, sunflower seeds and avocados.


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