Doctor A Cosmetics

Foreword from Doctor A:
Growing up, beauty was something that was very often stereotyped and unfortunately still is. It was impossibly beautiful. Big eyes and blemish-free porcelain skin. This was reflected  constantly, in the media, in television, in cinema and in high end magazine covers. It was often disheartening at times. It was these unattainable ideals of Eurocentric beauty standards that made beauty one sided rather than multi-faceted and diverse as it should be. Beauty is for everyone, regardless of our body shape, skin colour, height, identity or where we come from. It is genderless and a form of self-love to us as individuals and to each other.  Beauty is widely diverse, it is in our imperfections, it is in our smiles and so much more. With Doctor A cosmetics, I pledge to bring you the best skincare that I can and to constantly advocate and champion social causes that are close to my heart such as mental health wellbeing, domestic violence, LGBTQIA+, food poverty, domestic violence, and period poverty to name a few through the Doctor A brand and our charity partners.
I also pledge to make Doctor A cosmetics a fair and represented brand with diversity and equal representation at the forefront of our brand’s ethos. When I look at the skincare industry today, I hope in the years to come it can be more diverse and better represented with individuals like you and me.
I hope you enjoy Doctor A’s products, and they bring you immense joy and cherished memories as they do for me.
Love and light always,
Doctor A.