Our Story

Doctor A cosmetics- Your Skincare specialist.

 Doctor A has spent years to bring you the best ingredients for your skin. We believe in natural skin care.

When I founded Doctor A cosmetics it was on the belief that skincare needed to be more approachable, inclusive, and transparent.

I fell in love with skincare from a noticeably young age. Running into the beauty shops to catch glimpse of all the different types of coloured jars and bottles was magical. I loved reading and researching about the different type of ingredients and how they each interact with your skin. As a young woman of colour, it is important to me that skincare caters to everyone. To everyone’s skin tone and skin colour. Beauty is universal so why isn’t our skincare industry?
Skincare is a beautiful way to enhance an individual’s natural beauty. Skincare is a vessel that can inspire deeper, meaningful conversations.
My mission is to celebrate beauty as it is, to celebrate you, your beauty.